WAEA 2014 Award Recipients

WAEA 2014 Award Recipients

Tracy FortuneWashington State Art Educator of the Year: Tracy Fortune

Art Educator of the Year for 2014 has been awarded to Tracy Fortune from Lakes High School of the Clover Park School District.  Tracy Fortune is our 2014 WAEA Art Educator of the Year–and an art super hero.

Her versatility is reflected in her diverse teaching career. Since the mid 1980’s she taught an inconceivably broad range in 1st through 12th grade classes (ranging from Math, Yearbook, PE, Foods and Nutrition and of course Art-to name only a few) in Canada, Africa and Washington State.

Her amazing contributions are also evident in her multi-faceted background and dedication to excellence in education. She graduated with a Master’s in Education with Presidential Honors, is a National Board Facilitator, a Seattle Pacific University Adjunct Professor and Pro Teach Facilitator and Scorer. She has been a presenter at National Art Education Association Conferences, Washington Art Education Association Conferences, Arts Time and for her school district. She is a visual arts and professional development leader and mentor for her school district and for Washington State. Lucky for us, she is also our WAEA Secondary Teacher Representative and Secretary Elect.

Her school involvement is also extensive: Department Head, Technology Site Technician, Site Council Representative, Yearbook Advisor, Art Club Advisor, Volleyball and Track and Field Coach. She creates backdrops, sets and promotional materials for school drama productions.

Tracy is a published author and artist. Her book publishing credits include an art career resource for Davis Publishing, two children’s stories she wrote and illustrated and a third children’s story she illustrated. She has several articles published in School Arts Magazine and Arts and Activities Magazine. Other published work includes murals, a poster used by Tri Star Productions and photographs used as greeting cards by Parmalee Publications.

Tracy has done amazing things to advance excellence in art education. It boggles the mind how one this young could have such extensive and varied life experiences. I tell you what—you won’t hear it from her. She is the sweetest, most caring person you could meet, and like Diana Prince, you would never know this quiet person is a super hero. Who is Diana Prince? With an arsenal of weapons, including the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets and a tiara (which serves as a projectile), Diana fights for justice like Tracy advocates for excellence in art education. You may know Diana Prince better as Wonder Woman, although her accomplishments pale in comparison to those of Tracy Fortune, 2014 WAEA Art Educator of the Year.

As Art Educator of the Year, Tracy Fortune, we honor your amazing dedication, your perseverance, your many, many talents and your super human ability as an art educator to contribute so much with such unassuming grace and kindness. On behalf of all those whose lives you have improved, thank you. (written by Cathy Tanasse)

It is truly an honor to be selected as the Washington State Art Educator of the Year. My journey as an artist, art educator and author has been a rewarding learning experience.  I love sharing my learning, new ideas, and creative solutions with my students and other art educators.  It is exciting to be recognized for my contributions and I am grateful for my family, friends colleagues and fellow art educators who have encouraged and supported me on my adventure,” shared Tracy when asked what the award meant to her.

   Anndi (2)Elementary Art Educator of the Year: Anndria Cook

Elementary Level Educator of the Year for 2014 has been awarded to Anndria Cook from Woodland Elementary of North Thurston Public Schools. “Her caring, professionalism and dedication is unmatched. Mrs. Cook teaches K-6th grade students of all abilities to learn about art and to discover the artist within themselves.” says David Warning, Woodland Elementary Principal.  “Her compassion for children and learning is evident each day as she works with our large population of developmentally delayed children.  She creates lessons that help each child find success each and every day. You could not find a more deserving candidate to be recognized for her efforts to teach all children the joy that comes through learning.

Last school year, Mrs. Cook planned and executed a “mammoth” of a community artwork. Her co-worker, Jeannie Dees, describes the project, “For every 100 minutes a student read, they got to decorate and cut a plastic water bottle to attach to a mammoth. These bottles were colorful and hung in spirals to look like wooly mammoth hair, with a Chihuly “twist.” These sculptures were then put into our local Lacey Fun Fair Parade surrounded by our students. We even won an award. Her leadership and planning of this project is what made this project a success. We appreciate her leadership and excellence as an art teacher and she does all of this in less than a full-time position. She truly deserves this art education award.”

When told she would receive this award Anndria shared, “I consider teaching elementary level Visual Arts a privilege and responsibility not to be taken lightly. By empowering young minds with the creative process, an art education proves to students that creativity and hard work will truly get you anywhere you want to go. My students inspire me every day to perform to my personal best. I strive to do no less for them. Thank you for honoring me with this award!”

In addition to her principal, Anndria had seven other co-workers write letters of recommendation for this award. While she is new to the WAEA organization, it is clear that she has made a big impact in her school and will make an impact in our state in the years to come.

Bachman_TanyaMiddle School Art Educator of the Year: Tanya Bachman

Middle Level Educator of the Year for 2014 has been awarded to Tanya Bachman from Laurin Middle School in the Battle Ground School District. “Tanya Bachman, has a heart of gold for kids. She tries to build everyone up like their art is the best, gives them positive reinforcement throughout the day and supports them throughout their schooling years. Not only does Ms. Bachman have heart, but she goes the extra mile as a teacher at our school,” says Lori Schilling, Laurin Assistant Principal.

Lori Schilling continues to sing the praises of Ms. Bachman in her recommendation for this award. “She provides extraordinary opportunities for her students here at Laurin including: class art shows where local artists visit the class to share professional work with students; class art shows where parents can come visit to see their child in action; artwork displayed in the 

library and cafeteria for the entire school to enjoy; and artist of the week where an artist gets to display their work on a special board. She recognizes a student on an individual basis that receives a certificate weekly and is announced on morning announcements. Ms. Bachman gives students a variety of opportunities to share their work in the school, as well as in the community.

When told of the honor Tanya shared, “I am honored and humbled to have been selected as WAEA 2014 Middle School Art Educator of the Year. Teaching visual arts to middle school students is by far the most rewarding, creative, energizing career one could ask for. I feel fortunate to work in a school district that continues to value and advocate for the arts. I am eternally grateful for the unwavering support and steadfast encouragement afforded to me by my building administration and colleagues. I am thankful to collaborate with a gifted team of middle school art professionals, and most importantly have been blessed with the opportunity to work with so many amazing young artists whose talent and creative vision will undoubtedly change the world for the better.

EnidsmithbeckerSecondary Art Educator of the Year: Enid Smith Becker

Secondary Level Educator of the Year for 2014 has been awarded to Enid Smith Becker of the International School in Bellevue School District. “Enid is deeply committed to her students being able to express their creativity through many forms of media and in supporting them to high levels of mastery.” says Jennifer Rose, International School Principal.

Jennifer Rose continues to sing the praises of Ms. Becker in her recommendation for this award. “She works with the community to provide resources, such as specialized guest artists and unique materials, and she incorporates art into the daily life of the school.  She supports her students creating interactive art pieces and then engages the entire school community by having them comment, vote, and give feedback on the art, using technology and programs like Poll Everywhere.  She sets and teaches to high standards while empowering her students by having them engage in evaluation and reflection and create rubrics for their own work.  She is genuinely excited to take every student from where they enter her class and support them to reach high levels of engagement and mastery.  She is a gifted educator, one of the best I’ve ever seen, who allows the passionate artist in every single one of her students to shine through.  I know we are so lucky to have her here and think she is absolutely deserving of this recognition.

When told of the honor Enid shared, I am delighted to be recognized for this award.  I feel lucky to teach art.  Teaching kids to think deeply about who they are and how they create is truly a pleasure.  I teach them that taking risks is okay and that working hard has its rewards.  Whether they think of themselves as artists or not when they come to my room, they discover a place where they can play hard, see the world anew and discover their individual potential.”