Attention Teachers – Great Pilot Opportunity!

National Board is seeking teachers in specific certificate areas to pilot the new Component 4 (Effective and Reflective Practitioner). This component requires teacher candidates to gather information from a variety of sources about a group of students; use assessments to effectively plan for and positively impact their students’ learning; and provide evidence of their collaboration with families, the community, and colleagues and of their contributions to learning communities to advance students’ learning and growth.

Pilot teachers may be current candidates, or can be teachers who are not candidates. NBCTs are not eligible to pilot.

Pilot teacher will earn:

  • Honorarium of $500
  • Entry into a drawing for $1000
  • Potential to resubmit your Component 4 materials for certification purposes
  • Certificate of Participation with number of hours completed that may be used towards professional development requirements
  • Letter of commendation from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

The Certificate Areas they are seeking as Pilot Teachers:

  • CTE (Early Adolescent Young Adult
  • Library Media
  • ART (Early Adolescent Young Adult)
  • ART (Early Middle Childhood)
  • PE (Early Adolescent Young Adult)
  • PE (Early Middle Childhood)

What will C4 pilot teachers be expected to do?

  • Register as pilot teachers by February 12 (contact info below)
  • By June 3, Complete and upload their work to earn the $500 and be eligible for the $1000 drawing and the use of the work toward certification.
  • Connect with a Content Advisory Committee (CAC) person in their certificate area. These people can be support for the C4 pilot teachers in each certificate area. National Board will connect pilot teachers to CACs.

How do teachers register as a C4 pilot teacher participant?

Email the following to Melissa Villareal before February 12, 2016:

  • Name,
  • Email
  • Mailing Address
  • Certificate area of interest (see pilot certificate areas above)