“Advocacy requires that we continually teach the public in deliberate, sustained ways that students have learned in the process of creating original artworks!” -Quote from Texas Art Education Association

WAEA is committed to promoting Visual Art education throughout the state of Washington. We have put together this page to assist you in promoting the arts in your class, school, and community.


The ArtsOSPI

State of Washington’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

The Arts in Washington State include dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. Quality instruction in the Arts is provided by specialists and classroom teachers and supported by partnerships with professional organizations and community programs in the Arts.

Learning Standards (link)
The Arts learning standards describe what students should know and be able to do in the arts. The final and approved Arts Learning Standards are now available for use and implementation.

Assessments (link)
The OSPI-Developed Assessments are designed to help schools and districts determine whether students have met the Arts learning standards.

Annual High School Art Show (link)
High school students from across the state participate in our artistic celebration each year, the Superintendent’s High School Art Show.

More Resources from OSPI, find a full page of helpful resources

Arts Education Posters
All Arts Poster | Dance | Music Theatre | Visual Arts


ArtsWA is the Washington State Arts Commission (The following is an excerpt from ArtsWA and shows a wealth of information and wonderful supportive materials that they provide on their website):

“Every child has the right to a well-rounded education, which includes the arts. ArtsWA works to strengthen K-12 arts education as part of, and fundamental to, basic education. We do this by:

  • Supporting local partnerships among arts organizations, schools, and community organizations.
  • Supporting and developing the arts teaching workforce of classroom teachers, teaching artists, and arts education leaders.
  • Engaging with regional, state-level, and national arts and education organizations to develop, align, and promote policies to support K-12 arts education.

Learn more about our key grants and teachng artist programs on the Arts in Education webpages.

We manage the Washington State program of the national Poetry Out Loud program for high school students. Learn more here about how high schools across the state can participate.

To learn about the status of arts education in K-12 schools in our state and about policies and strategies we support for improving K-12 arts education, please read K-12 Arts Education: Every Student, Every School, Every Year. For more information about our rationale and strategic priorities concerning Arts in Education, please read our 2012-2016 Strategic Plan.

We are proud to have strong, collaborative relationships with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI, our state department of education) and ArtsEd Washington, a statewide arts education alliance.


Governor Inslee proclaimed that May is Arts Education Month in Washington State – a time to celebrate arts education, and to bring increased public awareness to the importance of quality arts education for every student, in every school. Read the proclamation here.  Learn what you can do to promote arts in education with the Arts Education Month toolkit, from ArtsEd Washington.


Public art enhances and enlivens public spaces. It can also serve as a great jumping-off point for active arts learning for K – 12 students. Our AIPP and Arts in Education program staff are collaborating to help make these connections. The outcome? A series of four, high quality, participatory arts lessons that are based on engaging works of public art situated around the state. You can find them in the link below….”   ArtsWA


Americans for the Arts Action Fund (link)

“We are the Arts Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit membership organization affiliated with Americans for the Arts.  We are the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America. Launched in 2004, the Arts Action Fund seeks to engage citizens in education and advocacy in support of the arts and arts education. The Arts Action Fund’s goals are to:

Enlist and mobilize 1 million citizen activists who will help ensure that public and private resources are maximized and that arts-friendly public policies are adopted at the federal, state, and local levels.”

Additional arts education research and facts can be found at Research

o Arts Education: Creating Student Success in School, Work, and Life; March 2017, is on Page 10.

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o   A summary of the American Poll about the Arts: What Americans Believe

o   June 2016–FULL Public Opinion Poll: Americans Speak Out About the Arts: An In-Depth Look at Perceptions and Attitudes About the Arts in America


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