Monthly Minutes

The WAEA consists of working teachers and art enthusiasts passionate about Visual Art and Art Education in Washington State. This group is solely comprised of volunteers, who give of their time and regularly to contribute to the promotion and development of the Visual Arts in our state. If you would like to be a part of this amazing group, please consider attending our next meeting!

For the details and minutes of our WAEA Meetings, please find an archival of past Monthly Meeting Minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the WAEA Presidents or Board member.

Meeting Minutes Archive:


WAEA Minutes – September 2016, Summer Retreat

No Meeting – October 2016

No Meeting – November 2016

WAEA Minutes – December 2016

WAEA Minutes – January 2017

WAEA Minutes – February 2017

WAEA Minutes -March 2017

WAEA Minutes -April 2017

WAEA Minutes -May 2017


WAEA Minutes – August 2015

WAEA Minutes – September 2015

WAEA Minutes – October 2015

No Meeting – November 2015

WAEA Minutes – December 2015

WAEA Minutes – January 2016

WAEA Minutes – February 2016

WAEA Minutes – March 2016

WAEA Minutes – April 2016

WAEA Minutes – May 2016