Award Winning WA Art Educators of 2017!

The Washington Art Education Association is pleased to announce and recognize the Award Winning Educators for 2017. From all the Art Educators across the State of Washington, these are the Amazing Educators that are Educating, Advocating, and Leading in Art Education. Congratulations educators and thank you for your service!

Art Educator of the Year: Jessica Holloway, Bellevue

Elementary Art Educator of the Year: Andrea Johnston, Tukes Valley Primary, Battleground

Middle-level Art Educator of the Year: Mari Atkinson, Olympic View Middle School, Mukilteo

Secondary Art Educator of the Year: Trinity Osborn, The Bear Creek School, Redmond

Museum Educator of the Year: Samantha Kelly, Tacoma Museum of Art, Tacoma

Outstanding New Art Educator of the Year: Emily Jacobson-Ross, Lake Washington

Art Administrator of the Year: Gail Sehlhorst, Seattle

The Washington Art Education Association will host a celebration gala in the fall, with location, date and time to be announced.

The Washington Art Education Association is affiliated, at the national level, with the National Art Education Association. The mission of the WAEA is to promote excellence in visual arts education, advocacy, leadership, professional development, and scholarship in Washington State.
The WAEA has more than 300 members, including Arts Specialists at every level, with arts representation from administration, museum, retired and higher education. There are 3 elected officer positions, ten appointed chairpersons along with past-presidents and president-elects who serve as the WAEA Board of Directors.
WAEA advocates for quality arts programing across the State of Washington and the Pacific Region by offering professional development, professional publications and other resources.

Congratulations to these award winning art educators of 2017
Gale Riley
Washington Art Education Association Awards Chair

Congratulations to this year’s Stuart Davis Memorial Scholarship recipients

“Congratulations to the 2017 WAEA Stuart Davis Scholarship winners!  Please look for their stories in our Splatter publication in the Fall of 2017.”  ~Marta Olson, WAEA Scholarship Chair

Hailey Fisher

Southridge High School

Kennewick School District

Teacher: Corrine Lechelt


Serena Lantz

Eastlake High School

Lake Washington School District

Teacher: Laura Flagg

Aiden Lee

Stanwood High School

Stanwood-Camano School District

Teacher: Gail Merrick 

Now Taking Nominations for our Annual WAEA Awards

Please consider nominating someone for our annual WAEA Awards. We have a current need for “Tribute Award” Nominations, which we need by the end of February!

This is an award recognizing a lifetime of service and the recipient is usually a career educator who has held a significant role in Arts Advocacy. Often the recipient is a retired educator who has been a WAEA Executive Board member. It is the WAEA highest award.

You may also use this form for other awards, deadline May 2nd.

Snohomish County Scholastic Art Award Winners

Congratulations to all the 2017 Scholastic Art Award Artists! (Find out more here)

Scholastic Exhibit Dates for 2017:

Feb. 1-26, Regional Scholastic Art Portfolios Exhibit. EYA Gallery: Mon.-Fri., 10-6 pm; Sat., 10-5 pm; and Sun., 12-5 pm.

Feb. 6-26, ALL AWARD WINNING ENTRIES Regional Scholastic Art Exhibit. Mezzanine Gallery: Mon.-Fri., 10-6 p.m.; Saturday, 10-5 p.m.; and Sun., 12-5 p.m. Exception: Wed. Feb. 8, 10-9 p.m.

Feb. 8, 5-9 pm Regional Scholastic Art Exhibit Opening Reception to honor local student artists.

Feb. 8, 6:30-8pm Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony will be held to honor regional and national award recipients. (Everett Civic Auditorium)

About the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards:

This program gives thousands of students throughout America the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons while earning local and national recognition. The objective is to foster the confidence of young artists and give them the opportunity to be recognized for their creative achievements by the world at large. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were founded in 1923, and have become the nation’s largest and longest running program of its kind.

Regional Scholastic Sponsors:

The Boeing Company
BNSF Railway Foundation
City of Everett Cultural Arts Commission
Everett Public Schools

Online galleries for images will be available in early March 2017.

2017 Regional Scholastic Award Winners:


Edmonds-Woodway H.S.  Hannah Noh

Mariner H.S.  Kristina Golonko

Meadowdale H.S.  Mckenzie Beavin

Stanwood H.S.  Amanda Parks

The Art Workshop  Ella Corwin



Cascade H.S.  Megan Carnahan, Carmen Hager, Nhi Luu

Edmonds Woodway H.S.  Jessica Fagan, Hannah Noh

Everett H.S.  Noor Al Huda Al Ghezi, Kaylee McDonald

Explorer M.S.  Connie Chen

Glacier Peak H.S.  Madison Davis (2), Tara Reckling

Harbour Pointe M.S.  Angelia Jarman

Henry M Jackson H.S.  Kelly Boal, Sarah Kang, Nicole McCarter

Hidden River M.S.  Rachel Sheldon

Home School  Abigail Dahl (2)

Home School (Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center)  Willow Cook (2)

J Art Academy  Yohan Cho, Emily Kang, Eunice Kim, Danika Kwak, Erin Park, Sungeun Park, Jenny Ro

Kamiak H.S.  Nadia Domnina, Tania Kerpan, David Kim, OhnShim Kim, Maddie Ludgate, Antonio Mejia Wolf, Jacqueline Oswalt, Yea Rin Park (3), Elise Petersen, Angeline Phan

Lake Stevens H.S.  Florian Dassow, Julia Mott, Alana Smutz

Madrona Elementary School  Giselle Iseli

Mariner H.S.  Kristina Golonko (2), Miah Quesada, Drake Synder

Marysville Arts & Technology H.S.  Kurstin Dumont

Marysville Pilchuck H.S.  Aitana Bonneau-Messarina, Kristy Protzeller, Bryson Sundseth

Meadowdale H.S.  Mckenzie Beavin, Jonathan Walzer

Monroe H.S.  Maddy Axelson, Jenna Davis, Alissa Kraft, Julia Paulson

Olympic View M.S.  Corinne Brown, Jennifer Han, Eleanor Whalen

Port Susan M.S.  Marina Yinug

Sky Valley Education Center  Jerri Brower (2), Aidan Emmons, Annika Lee, Maia McGrath, Abigail Spurling

Snohomish H.S.  Hilary Andersen, Rachael Baughman (2), Kaitlyn Lindsey Gore, Nolan Harris, Haylee Hines, Haylie Irving, Abbi Stempak

Stanwood H.S.  Be’Lit Garrity (4), Amanda Parks (6), Veronica Velazquez (2), Nicole Wierman

Stanwood M.S.  Madelynn Shelly

The Art Workshop  Ella Corwin, Sarah Forrester, Erica Gan, Grace Hettinger

Valley View M.S.  Molly Gray

Voyager M.S.  Kaelana Brown, Justin Dobrescu, Aliyah Fedorov, Trevor Mcnamara, Darya Yemets


Cascade H.S.  Ashley Sedgwick, Alexis Studeman, Noah Winters

Edmonds Woodway H.S.  Hollie Hutchison, Tina Masoum (2)

Explorer M.S.  Andrew Le

Glacier Peak H.S.  Conner Barrett, Hayden Bong, Breaonna Brask, Justice Johnson, Nate McGaw, Nate Spurling

Harbour Pointe M.S.  Jordan Schierbeek

Henry M Jackson H.S.  Nicole Anderson (2), Sara Haines, Sarah Kang (2)

Hidden River M.S.  Nathan Duong

J Art Academy  Yosup Cho, Eunice Kim, Edward Lee, Jonghun Lee, Erin Park (2), Hyunbee Shin, Kaitlin Song

Kamiak H.S.  Tania Kerpan (4), Angie Kim, David Kim, Julia Knapp, Jacqueline Oswalt, Yea Rin Park, Angeline Phan, Euna Sung (2), Lauren Towner

Lake Stevens H.S.  Phoebe Hanson, Meghan Lavelle, Alana Smutz, Dante Strothers, Jerome WyCough

Lynnwood H.S.  Natasha Dauenhauer, Chelan Lenay, Doma Sherpa

Mariner H.S.  Angelica Gomez, Victoria Philp (2), Miah Quesada

Marysville Arts & Technology H.S.  Danica Magolhado

Marysville Pilchuck H.S.  Emmorie Boas, Kristy Protzeller

Meadowdale H.S.  Maria Angere (2), Marcee Barnett, Xuan Zhou

Monroe H.S.  Veronica Daudelin, Tanna Desbiens, Liana Lobchinskiy

North M.S.  Sara MacPherson

Olympic View M.S.  Angeline Lajiness, Ainsley Macdonald, April Richards, Jasmine Tran

Port Susan M.S.  Marina Yinug

Sky Valley Education Center  Keri Anton, Jerri Brower, Emma Picard, Lauren Treit

Snohomish H.S.  Jillian Ballas, Rachael Baughman, Makenna Chapman, Addison Croushorn, Ashlynne Lucas (2), Sara Minogue, Laurel Peterson, Abbi Stempak

Stanwood H.S.  Be’Lit Garrity, Allison Minnick, Veronica Velazquez (2)

Stanwood M.S.  Andrew Hill

The Art Workshop  Sarah Forrester, Erica Gan, Grace Hettinger

Valley View M.S.  Chloe Cartier, Erika Dawson, Madison Kendrick

Voyager M.S.  Jordan Lyons, Christine Pham



ACES H.S.  Calvin Taylor

Cascade H.S.  Grace Bingay, J Brown (2), Carmen Hager, Ivan Osorio, Marie Sanyang, Alexis Studeman

Cavelero Mid-High  Makayla Rodino

Edmonds Woodway H.S.  Hannah Noh

Everett H.S.  Rose Martin, Kaylee McDonald

Explorer M.S.  Madison Bansbach, Claudia Czech, Isabella Kazlauskas, Ayden Nelson, Makena Thatcher

Glacier Peak H.S.  Lauryn Ardry, Allison Curtis, Addison Germer, Justice Johnson, Abby Price, Tara Reckling (2), Cooper Walker

Harbour Pointe M.S.  Alyssa Corona, Grace McKee, Evan Tionquiao, Kailey Ziss

Henry M Jackson H.S.  Nicole Anderson (3), Gabriel Cox, Sara Haines, Andrew Hyun, Sarah Kang, Heidi Kim (3), Alyssa Leigh, Justine Teoh, Tanner Thompson

Hidden River M.S.  Nathan Duong, Alyssa Klagenberg, Rachel Sheldon, Madilynn Valencia

Home School (Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center)  Willow Cook (5)

J Art Academy  Alexis Kang, Jonghun Lee, Erin Park, Chris Shin

Kamiak H.S.  Seriana Cross, Ashley Kearney (2), Tania Kerpan (2), Angie Kim, Kristin Kim, Mary Kim (2), OhnShim Kim, Julia Knapp, Maddie Ludgate, Jacqueline Oswalt (2), Yea Rin Park (2), Elise Petersen, Angeline Phan (2), Sydnee Robinson, Christina Santiago, Iman Sohraby, Euna Sung, Lauren Towner

Lake Stevens H.S.  Meghan Lavelle, Bryanna Semeling, Dante Strothers

Lynnwood H.S.  Rohan Kalia, Taylor Langager, Hannah Lundquist, Fabian Ruvalcaba, Amir Seare

Mariner H.S.  Ana Balderas, Kristina Golonko, Daria Hasanbekava, Vanessa Lombos, Nika Prokopenko

Marysville Arts & Technology H.S.  Suzara Mira

Marysville Pilchuck H.S.  Emmorie Boas, Isabela Cruz, Griffin Hubbert, Kristy Protzeller (3)

Meadowdale H.S.  Maria Angere, Milena Povazhniuk (2), Jonathan Walzer

Monroe H.S.  Alex Beauregard, Jayden Diener, Cheyanne Foster, Mikaela Galdo, Tex Gerritzen, Tiffany Koontz, Liana Lobchinskiy

Mountlake Terrace H.S.  Beatrice Enache

Olympic View M.S.  Mary Aleksandruk, Corinne Brown, Jose De Jesus Del Rio, Munira Kurbanova (2), Katerina Maslyanchuk, Mikayla Pham, April Richards (2), Dulce Rivas, Xotchil Silva, Careana Willis

Port Susan M.S.  Marina Yinug (2)

Sky Valley Education Center  Aidan Emmons, Delores McDowell

Snohomish H.S.  Kierstina Andersen, Jillian Ballas, Kimberly Evans, Easton Glaser, Haylee Hines, William Lepoidevin, Ashlynne Lucas, Amber McCall, Sarah Mustafa

Stanwood H.S.  Gracie Brennan, Be’Lit Garrity (2), Luke Grant, Celia Hand, Marqus Holmes, Victoria Humphreys, Aidan Lee, Zoey Palmer, Amanda Parks, Tyrna Teigen, Veronica Velazquez (2), Nicole Wierman (2)

Stanwood M.S.  Bleu Davis, Madelynn Shelly

The Art Workshop  Sarah Forrester, Kenzie Morehead

Valley View M.S.  Gabriella Cahan

Voyager M.S.  Jordan Lyons, Jesus Martinez, Liyah Tesfay, Vivian Tran

Online Galleries

WAEA Award Winners for 2016

Congratulations! ~The Washington Art Education Association is pleased to announce the awards for 2016.

~Museum Educator of the Year: Nancy Bell, Schack Art Center, Everett
~Elementary Art Educator of the Year: Judith Weden, Outlook Elementary, Sunnyside SD
~Middle-level Art Educator of the Year: Kate Ebert, Poulsbo Middle School
~Secondary Art Educator of the Year: James Andrews, Kingston High School
~Art Educator of the Year: Dan Brown, Okanogan School

A celebration in their honor will take place at the “Artastic” Fall Conference on the campus of Western Washington University. Awards presentations will be made at a special luncheon to be held on Saturday October 15. We offer congratulations each of the award winners on their remarkable accomplishments as Art Educators in Washington State!


Nancy Bell has been involved in promoting arts education through curriculum development and implementation in Everett for almost two decades. She also has supported local teachers by providing professional development along with free art curriculum and a lending library of classroom resources. Nancy has trained 1oo’s of art docents and classroom volunteers. Students have gained valuable opportunities to view and study art, show art, and compete for prestigious awards because of Nancy’s dedication as a Museum Educator.

Judith Weden has been teaching for 21 years and is an Arts Specialist at Outlook Elementary. She completed a Masters of Education from WSU with a Thesis: “Art and the ELL Connection,” and has written Visual Arts curriculum content standards and assessments for Sunnyside School District curriculum guides. Judith has received grants, participated in writing Washington State Art CBPAs, and annually organizes and displays student art work for Sunnyside School Districts “Art Walk.”

Kate Ebert took on the challenge of the vacated art teacher position in her school when it was determined that otherwise, it would go unfilled. She advocated for the arts to the extent that she put her career on the line, in time, completing an arts endorsement. She writes and aligns curriculum, working with the district administration on implementation strategies. Within her building she is an advisor to the Art Club, Anime Club and the Leo Club. Kate is an ESD 114 Vice President for the WAEA. Kate was also recently recognized in The Kitsap Sun in the “Teacher Spotlight.”

James Andrews has taught art for 18 years; advocating for quality arts programing within his school, district, community, and the State. He assisted in the creation of an Arts Boosters organization in order to support all the arts (dance, music, theatre, and visual arts), and successfully organized the annual arts event: The Festival of The Arts. James has also been a tenacious arts education advocate on the State level. AnnRene’ Joseph has stated about James: “His continued lobbying on this issue, both to the legislature and the State Board of Education, with the support of my office and position, had a positive influence in the passage of a two-credit graduation requirement in our state’s new CORE24 graduation requirements. This requirement, passed during the 2010-2011 legislative session, was enacted into law for the graduating class of 2019 (the freshman class of 2016).”

Dan Brown has successfully developed an outstanding sequential visual art study and studio program in Okanogan. As the only art teacher for both the middle and high school, Dan has single-handedly developed and implemented all of the art curriculum for the past 25 years. Dan has received numerous awards, including: a Golden Apple Award 2011 KSTS TV and Pemco Insurance, WAEA Secondary Teacher of the Year 2001, Washington State Teacher of the Year finalist 2000, North Central ESD Excellence Award 1991, (Okanogan School District) North Central ESD Excellence Award 1988 (Soap Lake School District). Dan has shown professionally at the Confluence Gallery from 1995- to the present. Public work and collections: “Jailbirds” Sleeping Lady Resort, Leavenworth, “Bringing Home the Bacon” Twisp Ponds, Twisp, “Fishing the Stillaguamish” Arlington, “Flight” Quotewizard, Seattle, and is currently working on his 975th work of art. He also supports various charities: Alatheia Therapeutic Riding Arena, Loup Loup Ski Bowl, Wenatchee Valley College Foundation, Rotary International, and Community Action (student held soup dinner event). Dan works tirelessly in support of quality arts programs on behalf of the Okanogan community, for which he cares so deeply.

Check Out What’s going on in ESD 121

Faye Scannell, our ESD 121 Rep, collected some amazing news and information. Here is what’s going on in ESD121 as well as a wonderful example of an ESD Report. Download her Word document HERE, ESD121Report3-26

Don’t have an ESD Rep? Don’t know what’s going on in your ESD? Encourage one another to get involved, stay connected, and become a stronger region of art educators!


ESD 121 Regional Art Show Regional High School Art Show Timeline

  • February 17, 2016: Award letters mailed
  • February 17 – March 16, 2016: Art Show open for public viewing (7:00 am – 4:30 pm, daily)
  • March 16, 2016: Regional High School Art Show Reception and Awards Presentation at PSESD (6pm – 8pm)
  • May 20, 2016: 43rd Annual (State) High School Art Show Reception at OSPI, Olympia, WA (1pm-3pm)

Contest for metal & jewelry high school students contact:  Work will again be displayed at the Seattle Art Museum intent to participate – February 19

Work due – March 19

First day of exhibition – April 8

Awards Ceremony – April 16

Last day of exhibition – May 29

Work pick-up day – June 4

 Please contact us at for more information and drop off location.


Interested students need to apply now for summer on-campus art courses. This is a great opportunity for students live on campus and take college art classes providing a preview of course work beyond high school. During this immersion experience students,  produce quality work that helps them develop a stronger portfolio. Complete list with scholarships:

  1. Art Institute of Chicago:
  2. Boston University Visual Arts Summer Institute
  3. California College of the Arts Pre-College Program:
  4. Idyllwild Arts Summer Program:
  5. Kansas City Art Institute Pre-College Art Lab:
  6. Maryland Institute College of Art Baltimore Pre-College Studio Residency Program:
  7. Massachusetts College of Art Summer Studios:
  8. Minneapolis College of Art & Design —Pre-College summer sessions:
  9. Otis College of Art & Design Summer of Art:
  10. Pratt Institute Pre-College Program:
  11. Rhode Island School of Design Pre-College Program:
  12. San Francisco Art Institute Pre-College Program:
  13. Ringling College of Art & Design Pre-College Perspective:
  14. Savannah College of Art:


Must See Exhibits:


FEB 11 – MAY 8 2016




Kehinde Wiley is one of the leading American artists to emerge in the last decade and he has been ingeniously reworking the grand portraiture traditions. Since ancient times the portrait has been tied to the representation of power, and in European courts and churches, artists and their patrons developed a complex repository of postures and poses and refined a symbolic language. This language, woven into all aspects of a portrait, described the sitter’s influence and power, virtue and character, or profession. In his consideration of portrait traditions, Wiley has been especially drawn to the grand aristocratic portraits of the 18th century.

The artist began his first series of portraits in the early 2000s during a residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem. He set out to photograph and recast assertive and self-empowered young men from the neighborhood in the style and manner of traditional history painting. Since then he has also painted rap and sports stars but for the most part his attention has focused on ordinary men of color in their everyday clothes. Trained at Yale in the 1990s, Wiley was steeped in the discussions concerning identity politics during this decade and he brings his personal insights and theoretical studies to his practice.

Wiley’s portraits are highly stylized and staged, and draw attention to the dialectic between a history of aristocratic representation and the portrait as a statement of power and the individual’s sense of empowerment.

Frye Art Museum-


Agitation and Propaganda: The Soviet Political Poster 1918–1929

Reproductions of early Soviet political posters issued in 1967 by the seminal, independent literary publishing house, Grove Press Inc. Photographed by Caio Garruba at the Lenin State Library in Moscow, their publication in the United States offered Western audiences a rare window into the postrevolutionary visual culture of the Soviet Union.

ART – Professional Development

Classes and workshops for adults are designed to inspire artists of all abilities to reach new heights of creative and artistic excellence

Art Studio Classes @ Gage Academy


Art Classes @ Kirkland Arts Center


APRIL – Seattle ART Events

April 1 – 24

Art in the Schoolhouse at Christianson’s Nursery, Mt. Vernon.

April 2

Pratt Fine Arts Center Spring Open House, 6 – 9pm. 1902 South Main

April 18 – June 3

Northwest Watercolor Society International Open Exhibition, Mercer Island Community Center, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, 206/275-7609.

April 30

Pratt’s 34th Annual Fine Art Auction,Bell Harbor Conference Center, 2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66. Visit


ON-Going PUGET SOUND EVENTS: 1st Thursday/Friday Puget Sound Area


First Thursday

Gallery Walks in Pioneer Square and the Seattle Art Museum area, 5 – 8pm.

Downtown Museum and Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park are free all day on First

Art in the Park at South Lake Union Park.May through Oct. 11am – 7pm. Free admission at Museum of History and Industry. For more information:

SLU Art Walk from 5 – 8pm Oct. and May. South Lake Union event features temporary art shows in multiple venues run by Shunpike.

Silverdale Artwalk, March – Nov. 5 – 8pm, Meet at Lisa Stirrett Glass Art Studio, 9536 NW Silverdale Way. 360/613-5472

First Friday

Anacortes Galleries are open 6 –

Bainbridge Island Galleries are open from 6 – 8pm.

Bellingham Downtown Art Walk is from 6 – 10pm.

Bremerton Art Walk is from 5 – 8pm in downtown Bremerton.

Ellensburg Art Walk is from 5 – 7:30pm in historic downtown Ellensburg.

Fremont Art Walk is 6 –

Issaquah Art Walk is from 6 – 9pm, May – September in downtown

Sequim Art Walk is from 5 – 8pm in downtown Sequim.

Vashon Island Gallery Cruise is from 6 –

First Saturday

La Conner Galleries are open April – Oct. 5 – 8pm as part of the Skagit Valley Art

Langley on Whidbey Island Art Walk is from 5 – 7pm.

Port Orchard Art Walk April – Oct. from 2 – 5pm.

Port Townsend Art Walk is from 5:30 –

Congratulations Snohomish County Scholastic Award Winners!



The Schack Art Center is proud to present The Scholastic Art Awards. This program gives thousands of students throughout America the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons while earning local and national recognition.

The objective is to foster the confidence of young artists and give them the opportunity to be recognized for their creative achievements by the world at large. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were founded in 1923, and have become the nation’s largest and longest running program of its kind.

To view this year’s Scholastic Art Awards for the Snohomish County Schack Art Center affiliation go to the Schack website: Or for the direct link:   and scroll down to Online Galleries and choose either American Visions, Gold Key, Silver Key or Honorable Mention.

Congratulations YAM Winners!

March marks the celebration of Youth Art Month. This year’s YAM Exhibition is amazing! Congratulations to ALL student artists for submitting to the show and being a part of the exhibition.

YAM had 101 entries and 14 teachers participating: 3 elementary, 6 middle, 6 high school teachers. Come and see the show at the Schack Art Center in Everett. Plan to attend the Exhibition awards ceremony and celebrate Youth Art Month with us.

We would like to recognize all the 2016 Participating Teachers who supported Youth Art Month and submitted student works. Thank you to all of these Art Educators!:


We would also like to Congratulate the following winning 2016 YAM Student Award Recipients:

Elementary Award: Zane Osborn “Types of Line Feline”  The Bear Creek School

Middle School Award: Isabella Stratis “The Pain of Love,” North Middle School

High School Award: Justin Li “To Hear Freedom Shout” The Bear Creek School

Best of Show Award: Christine Kim “ Speak with Your Heart” Kamiak HS


Saturday, March 5               First day of exhibition

Thursday, March 10            Exhibition awards ceremony (5-8 p.m.)(same time as a wonderful juried opening in main gallery)

Thursday, March 31            Last day of exhibition


Friday, April 1                       Artwork comes down; Nancy, Laurel, and/or teachers pick up artwork after work on Friday or Saturday

Following week                   Artwork returned to teachers (via method arranged Nancy or Laurel)


To find out more about Youth Art Month, visit YAM’s webpage (here)

2016 Youth Art Month Flag Design Winner

joanna marin YAM

Dear Washington Art Teachers,
I am happy to announce the 2016 winner of the Youth Art Month (YAM) Flag Design Contest. Joanna Marin, a 6th grader from North Middle School in Everett, WA, created a beautiful painterly flag design to represent the arts in Washington. Her design will be made into a banner that travels to the National Art Educator’s Conference in Chicago, Illinois in March of this year. Following the conference the flag will be hung at the state capital building in Olympia, WA. Congratulations to Joanna and her teacher Cynthia Gaub! Thank you to the teachers from all over Washington that sent their students’ artwork to this competition. All ages are encouraged to participate and be considered in the YAM flag competition.
Laurel King
Co-chair for YAM

WAEA 2015 Award Recipients

The Washington Art Educator Associations would like to congratulate our 2015 Award Recipients! These art educator awards were honored at the 2015 WAEA Artoberfest Conference Awards Luncheon this weekend in Leavenworth, WA.


Washington State Art Educator of the Year: Rick Wigre

Wigre, Rick, STFThe Washington Art Education Association is proud to announce the 2015 “Educator of the Year” has been awarded to Rick Wigre of Everett Public Schools’ Jackson High School for his accomplished work in Visual Arts and Technology.

Mr. Wigre’s versatility is reflected in his dedication to his personal artistic practice. Since the 1970’s he has pursued a professional art practice in drawing, painting, intaglio, ceramics, glass, photography, and stone carving. He has worked with famous artists like William Morris, Dale Chuhuliy, and Margret Tomkins. He brings this wealth of experience into his graphic design and digital arts classrooms. He has been leader in many professional and technical organizations in the computer, visual arts and graphics design industries. He has also been published in several industry journals and magazines.

The hundreds of awards that his students have brought home show how his passion and technical skills successfully motivate and inspire them. Many of his students have followed through with education and careers in the arts. They range from technology arts, video games, graphic designers, video production to a variety of fine arts careers.

His accomplishments are extensive and have been recognized by many other organizations. He has received a number of awards prior to this recognition, including Advisor of the Year for Washington State from the Washington Technology Student Association, Technology Teacher of the Year for Washington State presented by IBM and Technology and Learning Magazine, National Award for presented by NASA and National Science Teachers Association and National Computer Graphics Contest Adviser Award.

Mr. Wigre’s abilities to inspire students is universally known and appreciated. When his award was announced at JHS, para-educator Jean Sarcletti sent him the following accolade, “Congrats, Mr. Wigre!!! I am always amazed at what you are able to get from kids of all backgrounds. It is inspiring to see them realize that they DO have talent….and that can only come when someone shows them their path. You ROCK!!!!”

“From the first years of my teaching art in the public schools back in the early 1980’s, I have respected those teachers who have won this award. It defends teaching art as an honorable vocation and champions’ art as a necessary passion for our students and our culture in the company of my friends, family and colleagues in art, I feel flattered to receive this award.” shared Rick.

Elementary Art Educator of the Year: Jennifer Lundgren

JL_Jennifer Lundgren in Person!The Washington Art Education Association is excited to share the 2015 “Elementary Level Educator of the Year” has been awarded to Jennifer Lundgren of Montlake Elementary for her excellent guidance of visual arts students.

Jennifer has created an art curriculum at Montlake that is outstanding. She was bequeathed a program that had kids coloring in worksheets from coloring books. The kids last summer had their art show at Seattle Art Museum!” says Bridget Backschies, a parent at Montlake Elementary who nominated her for the award.

Every kid at the school considers art among their favorite classes at Montlake. She is a true artist and sees the potential and creativeness in all of the kids.” continues Backschies.

Ms. Lundgren strives to create authentic art experiences. With that in mind she holds community shows and events along with planning student exhibitions at the Seattle Art Museum. Show and Tell will be on view this November 2015.

When told she would receive this award Jennifer shared, “Winning this award is a great acknowledgment for all arts programs! As art teachers we are aware that our programs are in a constant state of vulnerability, and without our extra effort can be the first to be cut on a budget.  In a time when arts across the country are threatened by lack of funding, I am really so honored to represent the Montlake community, which truly believes that arts education is fundamental to the development of all children. This award has further validated the direction of our program, and the efforts of our school, families, students and educators of which value arts education.

Middle School Art Educator of the Year: Jennifer Heller

photo (1)Washington Art Education Association has awarded the 2015 “Middle Level Educator of the Year” to Jennifer Heller of Eckstein Middle School for her passion and dedication.

Ms. Heller is an excellent art teacher. She tells students how to do a project, gives them the tools and leaves the creativity to them. She is patient and funny and full of energy.” says Mrs. McGreevy, a parent at Eckstein who nominated her for the award.

Treena Sterk, the Principal Eckstein Middle School, has also been impressed with Ms. Heller’s work. “Eckstein Middle School is very proud of art teacher Jen Heller who joined the Eckstein team in 2013.  Her love of art and of teaching was immediately apparent.  On that first day, and on each day thereafter, Jennifer Heller provided an individualized experience in art.”

Sherri Kokx, her former principal had this to say about Ms. Heller, “I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Heller at two middle schools.  As Eisenhower Middle School I was introduced to the magic that is Ms. Heller. She engaged students that were otherwise not engaged in school.  Her creativity and passion for art and for her students was contagious. Any time I visited the classroom students were engaged in art and Ms. Heller was busy giving them constructive feedback. She pushed and they met her expectations.”

This year Ms.Heller has guided her 8th grade class in a community beautification program – turning our water fountain wells into beautiful pieces of art work using glass mosaics. It’s truly a gift that the school community will enjoy for years to come.

“Winning this award is an honor. It enforces in me what I’ve known all along; that I’m doing something right, that fine art is so important to so many children and it has not been forgotten. Winning this award will fuel me to continue working so hard in the classroom and as an advocate for art education.shared Jennifer about this new achievement.

Secondary Art Educator of the Year: Ed Crossan

EdC_Art StudioEd Crossan of the Thomas Jefferson High School in the Federal Way School District is the 2015 “Secondary Level Educator of the Year.”

Ed Crossan has taken several professional development workshops from me, and I have had the honor of visiting his classroom and watching him teach first-hand. He is very passionate about learning new art skills and sharing them with his students. He is a National Board Certified Art Teacher and works tirelessly to create meaningful art learning experiences for his students.” says Mandy Hallenius, the President and Co-Founder of The Da Vinci Initiative who nominated Ed for the award.

In addition to his teaching work, Mr. Crossan promotes community involvement through a number of after-school clubs. His Graphics Design club worked with the Gay Straight Alliance Club to design a marketing campaign. His Applied Arts and Design Class raised $15,000 to create a community garden for the Thomas Jefferson High School campus.

Mandy continues to sing the praises of Mr. Crossan in her recommendation for this award. “I recently ran into him and a group of his students on a Saturday at the Frye Art Museum. Any art teacher that inspires so much passion in his students to give up their Saturday to visit an art museum, not to mention donating his own personal time to his students, is deserving of being recognized as an outstanding art teacher.

When told of the honor Ed shared, I’m thrilled that people outside my building appreciate the work that I’m doing with students and for the good of the school. I love my job and am happy to come to work every day, this award gives me even more reason to continue our work to support the Arts, and create future advocates for Arts Education.”

Washington Distinguished Service Award: Andrea Schweikl

AndreaSchweiklHeadshotFor the first time in many years, the Washington Art Education Association has awarded the “Washington Distinguished Service Award.Andrea Schweikl, an art docent at Nautilus K-8 in Federal Way is this year’s recipient.

The passion that she shows for the arts is unexplainable! She works far more hours then she is paid. The kids love her!” says Mrs. Munsey-Snyder, the Nautilus PTSA President who nominated her for the award.

Mrs. Munsey-Snyder, continued to sing Andrea’s praises “One day they were chanting ART, ART, ART on a Cart! She is inventive! At one session she had music playing and asked the kids to feel the music and do the art based on how you felt. I cannot express in words how much of a difference Andrea has made at our school for the kids and teachers. In my mind she has already won!”

When told she would receive this award Andrea shared, “Thank you to those who nominated me. It’s good to know when you are appreciated and this award has helped me know that what I have done with the Art on a Cart program at Nautilus K-8 is appreciated – even more than I thought. Since I started teaching art classes, I have been continually amazed at the creative advances students have made. Whether it’s the simple act of how to hold a pastel (so it won’t break in their eager hands), tying a knot, or a more complicated task such as binding a book or sculpting a clay figure, I absolutely LOVE what I do with the students at Nautilus. I believe art education is very important. As a child, I was always a very visual and “hands on” learner. Art and design have always helped me bridge through and understand the different subjects of science, literature, math and technology. My hope is that it will help those students with those things as well.

2015 Tribute Award Dr. AnnRené Joseph

In May, Dr. AnnRené Joseph was honored at the OSPI High School Awards Show for her lifetime contributions to the WAEA and Visual Arts Education in the state of Washington. AnnRené’s contributions have been endless. Because of the excellent letters and recommendations her accomplishments were forwarded on to the NAEA to be considered for a National award in the category of Administration.

National and Regional Elementary Educator: Lisa Crubaugh

Lisa Crubaugh is a WAEA past president and continues to be an active participant in the WAEA. This year her accomplishments were forwarded on to the NAEA to be considered for a both a Regional and National award. The rubric for National Awards includes a significant amount of board participation on the state, regional AND national level. In addition to great classroom teaching, nominees must also publish, perform, volunteer, lead and serve a members of a variety of committees. The standards are very high and rarely reached until a teacher nears the end of their career. The board is pleased to nominate Lisa for these awards. National and Regional winners are announced at the NAEA Convention in March.

Congratulations to our 2015 Award Recipients

These amazing individuals have been recognized as outstanding art educators and individuals who are pouring their passion and knowledge into their specific fields of art education. We proudly announce our 2015 WAEA Award Recipients…

Art Educator of the Year: Rick Wigre

Elementary Educator of the year: Jennifer Lundgren

Middle School Educator of the year: Jennifer Heller

Secondary Educator of the year: Ed Crossan

Washington Distinguished Service Award: Andrea Schweikl

We will be personally recognizing these individuals at our Award Ceremony during the “Artoberfest” WAEA Conference. Join us as we acknowledge their dedication and efforts for art education and show your support by attending the Award Ceremony. See the Conference Page for more details.

Tribute Award Winners

The Tribute Award is a special “Life-Time Achievement” Award. A member is selected by the board and scored on a rubric. The winner is recognized at the Annual OSPI High School Art Show in Spring and again at the Fall WAEA Conference.

Here is the list of past tribute winners.

2015 Dr. AnnRené Joseph

2014 Katie Hall

2013 Deborah Barten

2012 Joye Melby

2011 Carl Clausen

2010 Paul L. Berg

2009 Una McAlinden

2008 Lorinne Lee

2007 Susan Hamilton

2006 Washington Mutual

2005 Gretchen Johnston

2005 Annita Shaw

2004 Hazel Koenig

2003 Larry Metcalf

2003 Dee Dee Rainbow

2002 Susan Russell

2001 Dr. Michael Silver

2000 ESD SPI Art Show Coordinators

1999 Gina May

1998 Dr. Frank “Buster” Brouillet

1997 Dr. Judith Billings

WAEA_Tribute Award Rubric

WAEA Stuart Davis Memorial Scholarship Winners

Announcing the 2015 WAEA Stuart Davis Memorial Scholarship Winners

The following students are being recognized for their artistic achievement and will be encouraged to further their art education. The award is based on the strength of ten slides of original student work, the student essay, a written recommendation from the sponsoring WAEA member, a recommendation from on other person, a high school transcript, and the application form. The final decision was made after an extensive evaluation of the applications.

The scholarship award will be credited to the financial account at the university, college, or art school where the student must continue in visual art or art education in the fall after graduation.

Congratulations Seniors on such an achievement!

Andi Hillman

Stanwood High School

Teacher: Gail Merrick

$750 Scholarship


Allison Vu

Kamiak High School

Teacher: Deborah Barten

$750 Scholarship


Nicole Sarwono

Redmond High School

Teacher: Steve Okun

$500 Scholarship

WAEA 2014 Award Recipients

WAEA 2014 Award Recipients

Tracy FortuneWashington State Art Educator of the Year: Tracy Fortune

Art Educator of the Year for 2014 has been awarded to Tracy Fortune from Lakes High School of the Clover Park School District.  Tracy Fortune is our 2014 WAEA Art Educator of the Year–and an art super hero.

Her versatility is reflected in her diverse teaching career. Since the mid 1980’s she taught an inconceivably broad range in 1st through 12th grade classes (ranging from Math, Yearbook, PE, Foods and Nutrition and of course Art-to name only a few) in Canada, Africa and Washington State.

Her amazing contributions are also evident in her multi-faceted background and dedication to excellence in education. She graduated with a Master’s in Education with Presidential Honors, is a National Board Facilitator, a Seattle Pacific University Adjunct Professor and Pro Teach Facilitator and Scorer. She has been a presenter at National Art Education Association Conferences, Washington Art Education Association Conferences, Arts Time and for her school district. She is a visual arts and professional development leader and mentor for her school district and for Washington State. Lucky for us, she is also our WAEA Secondary Teacher Representative and Secretary Elect.

Her school involvement is also extensive: Department Head, Technology Site Technician, Site Council Representative, Yearbook Advisor, Art Club Advisor, Volleyball and Track and Field Coach. She creates backdrops, sets and promotional materials for school drama productions.

Tracy is a published author and artist. Her book publishing credits include an art career resource for Davis Publishing, two children’s stories she wrote and illustrated and a third children’s story she illustrated. She has several articles published in School Arts Magazine and Arts and Activities Magazine. Other published work includes murals, a poster used by Tri Star Productions and photographs used as greeting cards by Parmalee Publications.

Tracy has done amazing things to advance excellence in art education. It boggles the mind how one this young could have such extensive and varied life experiences. I tell you what—you won’t hear it from her. She is the sweetest, most caring person you could meet, and like Diana Prince, you would never know this quiet person is a super hero. Who is Diana Prince? With an arsenal of weapons, including the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets and a tiara (which serves as a projectile), Diana fights for justice like Tracy advocates for excellence in art education. You may know Diana Prince better as Wonder Woman, although her accomplishments pale in comparison to those of Tracy Fortune, 2014 WAEA Art Educator of the Year.

As Art Educator of the Year, Tracy Fortune, we honor your amazing dedication, your perseverance, your many, many talents and your super human ability as an art educator to contribute so much with such unassuming grace and kindness. On behalf of all those whose lives you have improved, thank you. (written by Cathy Tanasse)

It is truly an honor to be selected as the Washington State Art Educator of the Year. My journey as an artist, art educator and author has been a rewarding learning experience.  I love sharing my learning, new ideas, and creative solutions with my students and other art educators.  It is exciting to be recognized for my contributions and I am grateful for my family, friends colleagues and fellow art educators who have encouraged and supported me on my adventure,” shared Tracy when asked what the award meant to her.

   Anndi (2)Elementary Art Educator of the Year: Anndria Cook

Elementary Level Educator of the Year for 2014 has been awarded to Anndria Cook from Woodland Elementary of North Thurston Public Schools. “Her caring, professionalism and dedication is unmatched. Mrs. Cook teaches K-6th grade students of all abilities to learn about art and to discover the artist within themselves.” says David Warning, Woodland Elementary Principal.  “Her compassion for children and learning is evident each day as she works with our large population of developmentally delayed children.  She creates lessons that help each child find success each and every day. You could not find a more deserving candidate to be recognized for her efforts to teach all children the joy that comes through learning.

Last school year, Mrs. Cook planned and executed a “mammoth” of a community artwork. Her co-worker, Jeannie Dees, describes the project, “For every 100 minutes a student read, they got to decorate and cut a plastic water bottle to attach to a mammoth. These bottles were colorful and hung in spirals to look like wooly mammoth hair, with a Chihuly “twist.” These sculptures were then put into our local Lacey Fun Fair Parade surrounded by our students. We even won an award. Her leadership and planning of this project is what made this project a success. We appreciate her leadership and excellence as an art teacher and she does all of this in less than a full-time position. She truly deserves this art education award.”

When told she would receive this award Anndria shared, “I consider teaching elementary level Visual Arts a privilege and responsibility not to be taken lightly. By empowering young minds with the creative process, an art education proves to students that creativity and hard work will truly get you anywhere you want to go. My students inspire me every day to perform to my personal best. I strive to do no less for them. Thank you for honoring me with this award!”

In addition to her principal, Anndria had seven other co-workers write letters of recommendation for this award. While she is new to the WAEA organization, it is clear that she has made a big impact in her school and will make an impact in our state in the years to come.

Bachman_TanyaMiddle School Art Educator of the Year: Tanya Bachman

Middle Level Educator of the Year for 2014 has been awarded to Tanya Bachman from Laurin Middle School in the Battle Ground School District. “Tanya Bachman, has a heart of gold for kids. She tries to build everyone up like their art is the best, gives them positive reinforcement throughout the day and supports them throughout their schooling years. Not only does Ms. Bachman have heart, but she goes the extra mile as a teacher at our school,” says Lori Schilling, Laurin Assistant Principal.

Lori Schilling continues to sing the praises of Ms. Bachman in her recommendation for this award. “She provides extraordinary opportunities for her students here at Laurin including: class art shows where local artists visit the class to share professional work with students; class art shows where parents can come visit to see their child in action; artwork displayed in the 

library and cafeteria for the entire school to enjoy; and artist of the week where an artist gets to display their work on a special board. She recognizes a student on an individual basis that receives a certificate weekly and is announced on morning announcements. Ms. Bachman gives students a variety of opportunities to share their work in the school, as well as in the community.

When told of the honor Tanya shared, “I am honored and humbled to have been selected as WAEA 2014 Middle School Art Educator of the Year. Teaching visual arts to middle school students is by far the most rewarding, creative, energizing career one could ask for. I feel fortunate to work in a school district that continues to value and advocate for the arts. I am eternally grateful for the unwavering support and steadfast encouragement afforded to me by my building administration and colleagues. I am thankful to collaborate with a gifted team of middle school art professionals, and most importantly have been blessed with the opportunity to work with so many amazing young artists whose talent and creative vision will undoubtedly change the world for the better.

EnidsmithbeckerSecondary Art Educator of the Year: Enid Smith Becker

Secondary Level Educator of the Year for 2014 has been awarded to Enid Smith Becker of the International School in Bellevue School District. “Enid is deeply committed to her students being able to express their creativity through many forms of media and in supporting them to high levels of mastery.” says Jennifer Rose, International School Principal.

Jennifer Rose continues to sing the praises of Ms. Becker in her recommendation for this award. “She works with the community to provide resources, such as specialized guest artists and unique materials, and she incorporates art into the daily life of the school.  She supports her students creating interactive art pieces and then engages the entire school community by having them comment, vote, and give feedback on the art, using technology and programs like Poll Everywhere.  She sets and teaches to high standards while empowering her students by having them engage in evaluation and reflection and create rubrics for their own work.  She is genuinely excited to take every student from where they enter her class and support them to reach high levels of engagement and mastery.  She is a gifted educator, one of the best I’ve ever seen, who allows the passionate artist in every single one of her students to shine through.  I know we are so lucky to have her here and think she is absolutely deserving of this recognition.

When told of the honor Enid shared, I am delighted to be recognized for this award.  I feel lucky to teach art.  Teaching kids to think deeply about who they are and how they create is truly a pleasure.  I teach them that taking risks is okay and that working hard has its rewards.  Whether they think of themselves as artists or not when they come to my room, they discover a place where they can play hard, see the world anew and discover their individual potential.”