Divisional Representative Job Description

WAEA Divisional Representative Job Description:

The WAEA Board includes Divisional Representatives who foster the professional interests, and represent the concerns of members employed within their group. Divisions that are represented on the WAEA Board are as follows:

  1. Elementary
  2. Middle School
  3. High School
  4. Higher Education
  5. Administration/Supervision
  6. Museum
  7. Retired Art Educator
  8. Art Education Student

Qualifications and Eligibility:

  1. Current membership in WAEA and NAEA
  2. Current employment or commensurate experience within the division.
  3. An interest in assuming an active leadership role in the WAEA.
  4. The necessary organizational skills to contact and communicate with the art educators they represent.
  5. Good communication skills.
  6. The time and energy necessary to fulfill the duties and obligations of the position in a timely way.
  7. A two year term of office, with the ability to continue in the position if desired, upon recommendation by the Board.

The Divisional Representative will:

  1. Attend 4 Board meetings physically or remotely and provide reports written and/or verbal detailing issues, concerns or events that concern the members they represent.
  2. Provide a short written yearly report to be posted on the Website/Facebook page and state conference for members in their division.
  3. Lead one annual lunch time meeting of their division at the annual Fall Conference.
  4. Actively recruit and promote WAEA membership within their division.
  5. Host one event for their division annually, with a supporting budget allocation from WAEA.
  6. Gather and forward award nominations to the Award Committee Chair by June 30th

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