President(s) Elect Job Description

WAEA President(s) Elect Job Description:

The WAEA President(s) Elect is nominated by the nominating committee and elected by the general membership. Presidents Elect are selected form a pool of candidates developed by the Nominating Committee. The committee shall be formed by the Executive Board no later than April in the year of election (even numbered years) for a general membership election in the fall.

The President(s) Elect shall assume the office after being elected by the general membership.

The President(s) Elect shall assume the Presidency after serving for two years as President Elect.

Qualifications and Eligibility:

President(s) Elect should have:

  1. Current membership in WAEA and NAEA
  2. Previous experience in a leadership position within the WAEA, and/or familiarity with the goals, mission, and operating structure of the organization.
  3. Demonstrated leadership and communication skills.
  4. The time and energy to devote to the duties necessary to be effective in the position.
  5. The ability to serve in a leadership role for four years, and to continue in a supporting role as Past President for another one to two years.
  6. The Presidency can be shared by two qualified Co-Presidents, with the work load divided between them.

The President(s) Elect Shall:

  1. Serve as the Committee Chair(s) for Professional Development/Events during their term of office.
  2. Plan and implement at least one Fall Conference event during their term of office.
  3. Assume primary responsibility for ensuring that sites and members for organizing future conferences are secured and announced to the general membership at least two years in advance.
  4. Assist the President(s) in fulfilling their role within the organization.
  5. Devote time and energy to meeting with the President(s) in order to learn the duties and procedures necessary to fulfill the Presidential role.
  6. Take over the responsibilities of the Presidency if the current President is unable to serve.

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