President(s) Job Description

WAEA President(s) Job Description:

*WAEA President(s) assume the Presidency, after two years serving as President(s) Elect.

*The WAEA President(s) will serve a term of two years, commencing at the beginning of the school year and ending in August.

*The Presidency can be shared by two Co-Presidents, with the work being divided between them. One will be designated the official NAEA delegate.

The President(s) will:

  1. Attend NAEA Delegate Assembly and other events generated by the National and Regional associations annually, with the goal of representing member concerns and issues of the WAEA.
  2. Handle all correspondence and agreements with both National and Regional Affiliations in a timely way.
  3. Work with the Board and all Vice Presidents/ESD representatives to ensure all Board Positions are filled and successions are timely.
  4. Set Board meeting dates, locations and agendas under advisement with Board members.
  5. Chair and facilitate Board Meetings.
  6. Ensure that the WAEA Strategic plan is reviewed quarterly and updated annually to reflect the current needs and issues within the profession.
  7. Periodically review all budget reports, membership reports, committee assignments, OSPI initiatives/communications, and issues that arise from the National and Regional committees.
  8. Provide timely information in order to keep the WAEA Board and membership informed on local, regional and national issues that related to Art Education and the mission of the organization.
  9. Work with President(s) Elect to ensure that Fall Conference sites are secured a minimum of two years in advance of actual conference dates.
  10. Mentor President(s) elect and keep them informed on Presidential business to ensure that they are ready to assume the Presidency when their term commences.
  11. Ensure that communication with the membership is on-going and timely, regarding national, regional and local association business and initiatives.
  12. Ensure that the organization is devoting resources to fulfilling its mission through strategic initiatives in a timely and effective way, as directed in the current WAEA Strategic Plan.

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