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The College Board – The Arts and Common Core
The College Board, in partnership with NCCAS, has just released a new research report that details the alignment of the Common Core with the National Core Arts Standards that are currently being developed. The work, entitled A Review of Connections between The Common Core State Standards and The Next Generation Arts Standards.

Arts Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 1999-2000 and 2009-10
This report provides national data about arts education for public elementary and secondary schools, elementary classroom teachers, and elementary and secondary music and visual arts specialists. Comparisons with data from the 1999–2000 FRSS arts education study are included where applicable.

The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth: Findings from Four Longitudinal Studies
The study focuses on the potential effects of arts engagement on youth from the lowest quarter of socioeconomic status. Although most of the arts-related benefits in this report applied only to these at-risk youth, some findings also suggest benefits for youth from advantaged backgrounds.

Roles of Certified Arts Educators, Certified Non-Arts Educators, & Providers of Supplemental Arts Arts Instruction (PDF, 7 MB)
This newly released White Paper from the SEADAE organization outlines the roles of the key partners who are responsible for providing an articulated, coherent, systemic, and sustainable K-12 arts education for all students.

A Review of Selected State Arts Standards (PDF)
Washington is included in this report that was prepared with the primary purpose of informing the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards in their revision of the National Standards for Arts Education.

National Arts Standards Revisions are Underway
New, national voluntary arts education standards are expected in Fall 2012, which will revise the 1994 National Standards for Arts Education. The standards will describe what students should know and be able to do as a result of a quality curricular arts education program.

Arts Education Posters
All Arts Poster | Dance | Music Theatre | Visual Arts

Enlivening the Senses: Arts|Learning at the Core of Education from Arts|Learning.

The Nation’s Arts Report Card
The 2008 NAEP Arts Assessment, or the 2008 Nation’s Arts Report Card, is the fifth NAEP assessment in the arts.

It’s Art at La Center High School
This seven minute tour of the spectacular artwork in this unique school showcases the Arts as core, essential and basic subject areas.

Achieving Balance in Districtwide Arts
This review examines issues and promising practices in district-wide systems for assessing student performance in standards-based, sequential K-12 arts education programs.

An Unfinished Canvas
This paper provides a review of the status of large-scale arts assessments and current practice in statewide arts assessment for the purpose of K-12 education accountability.

Arts Impact
This program empowers classroom teachers to become confident leaders of standards-based arts lessons that infuse the arts into the core classroom curriculum and improves student learning across the curriculum.