SPLATTER is YOUR new WAEA Membership Publication!

Deadlines for submissions: December 15, March 15, June 15, September 15

Keep up-to-date with art news, stay connected with your colleagues, share helpful advice, gather some tips and tricks for relevant topics and issues we have in common as art teachers. Find the latest publication of SPLATTER HERE.

Have something to share? Want to publish an article or contribute to SPLATTER?

WAEA wants to publish your great lessons, issues and approaches to teaching art in our quarterly publication of “SPLATTER”.

We are looking for:

~Classroom Lesson Plans

~ESD related shows, events and advocacy for the arts in your region

~Teaching reflections and successes (not specific to a lesson)

~Classroom management and organizational TIPS

~Concerns and issues that address arts in our state

See our Publishing Guidelines for more details.