The State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Arts Mission and Vision

The Arts: communicating and integrating life, literacy, and learning through experience for all learners.

Vision Statement
The Arts, which include dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, will be effectively integrated into student educational experiences in all Washington state schools. Our belief is that quality instruction in The Arts shall be provided by Arts specialists and classroom teachers and supported by partnerships with professional organizations and community programs in the Arts. This partnered instruction will enhance both student literacy, and meaningful, purposeful, and enjoyable educational learning opportunities. It will also support student preparation for life as a contributing 21st century citizen. We further believe that the arts integrate with all other subject areas to create learning opportunities for all learners that communicate achievement, respect, freedom, and fun.

Continuous Goal
Our continuous goal for the arts is to offer and support a comprehensive and sequential, standards based K-12 arts program, in dance, music, theatre and the visual arts, available to all learners in all 295 school districts in Washington state.

Arts Motto
The Arts: CPR for Learning!


For more information:

Anne Banks

Program Supervisor

(360) 725-4966