The Da Vinci Initiative

The Da Vinci Initiative is a mission for visual literacy in our contemporary world. The Da Vinci Initiative believes that art can be taught and that teaching skills enhances student creativity. Teaching realist based art skills such as those implemented by Da Vinci and Michelangelo not only aligns with current educational research that other subjects currently embrace, but it also enhances the number of choices students can make when creating their own work. With a focus on K-12 public and private schools, the goal of The Da Vinci Initiative is to incorporate skill-based learning in art education in order to deepen the understanding and applications of the visual language that surround us. The Da Vinci Initiative provides a variety of services for K-12 educators, including scholarships, skill-based workshops designed specifically for art teachers, FREE lesson plans, and more! Visit for more information about how The Da Vinci Initiative supports K-12 art education.