WAEA Scholarship


Congratulations to this year’s Stuart Davis Memorial Scholarship recipients:

Hailey Fisher

Southridge High School

Kennewick School District

Teacher: Corrine Lechelt


Serena Lantz

Eastlake High School

Lake Washington School District

Teacher: Laura Flagg


Aiden Lee

Stanwood High School

Stanwood-Camano School District

Teacher: Gail Merrick 


Please contact Marta Olson, WAEA Scholarship Chair with any questions or concerns


The first award will be $1000.00 plus their photo and/or art on the cover of Splatter Magazine in hard copy and WAEA’s on-line edition of Splatter.  The first place student will also receive a free one-year student membership to the Washington Art Education Association.

The second award will be $1000.00

The third award will be $1000.00

The funds for the Stuart Davis scholarship awards will be given to an arts institution of the winner’s choice. The WAEA treasurer will be responsible for sending the award money to the scholarship winner’s choice of institution.  The institution can be a college, university, community college, art school or an art course that helps the award winner further their education in art or art education.

 The funds will not be sent directly to the award winner.

Once the award winners are selected, they will receive the information on how to contact the WAEA treasurer to have the funds sent to their choice of institution.

Scholarship guidelines:

The applicant must be a senior, graduating or receiving a GED this school year. The sponsor must be a current WAEA member. The winner must attend a college, community college or art school classes in the fall of this year with a focus on visual art or majoring in art or art education. Students are advised to submit original work and not to use work that is copied directly from another source such as a photograph. Applicants may submit only five un-altered digital images of their work.  The Receipt Deadline for Entries is April 28, 2017. Notification for awardees will be on May 24, 2017.

Judging criteria to be used by the Scholarship Committee:

  1. Originality of design
  2. Technical Quality
  3. Use of Medium(s)
  4. Letters of intent and recommendations
  5. Scholarship guidelines

Submit each of the following to the Scholarship Chair (scholarhip@waea.net). Items 1-4 should be PDF files. Item 5 (artwork images) should be sent as jpg files.

  1. This application form on top
  2. Letter of introduction and intent, written by the applicant, stating future educational plans in art.
  3. Letter of recommendation from the WAEA sponsor
  4. Image list: List of image information (title, medium, size). List must coincide with image file number.
  5. Five digital un-altered images of artwork. Each digital image must be labeled with student’s Last Name and digital image # (ex: smith_1.jpg,  smith_2.jpg, etc..)

Email completed entries to: WAEA Scholarship Chair